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Moai, Easter Island  2007
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Moai, Easter Island, 2007

The mystery of the giant moai each year brings thousands of visitors to remote Easter Island. I was drawn there by two books and a newspaper piece in the N.Y. Times, and a curiosity about faraway places.

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Skimboarder, Hobe Sound, Florida, 2008

A collection of walkers, swimmers, sand castle builders, sunbathers, and boarders -- surf, kite, and skim -- are my sources of entertainment.

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Couple, Refugio beach, Goleta, California, 2009

Cool and foggy, it was far from a classic California "beach day" on Refugio.

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Swimmer, Smith's Pond, Rockport, Maine, 2010

As an unpredictable wave picked me up, my hopes of making an action shot of a body surfer were thwarted. There are also those rewards when water is just an aspect of the image, as is the case with this photograph of Sara, a swimmer at Smith's pond in Maine this summer.

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