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Joanna Painting, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario  1975
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Joanna Painting, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, 1975

The wonders of the digital photo age aside, there is some-thing magical about making a silver gelatin print from a 35-year-old negative, especially one in pristine condition. That was the case recently when I retrieved this negative of Joanna Swayze-as-artist on a canoe trip in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario.

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Andrew with Telescope, Rockport, Massachusetts, 1976

One of the many rituals at the Eden Road house in Rockport was stepping out on the porch to check the view through a vintage telescope. Joanna's father liked to zero in on cruis-ing boats heading down to Maine (in June), and returning home to Massachusetts harbors (late August, early September). But the favorite sighting was Thacher Island, with its twin light houses, a mile in the distance. More devious were those moments when one would focus on unsuspecting couples, having a moment to themselves on the rocks beyond LobLolly Cove.

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Nobles-Earthwatch Trip, Four Corners, New Mexico, 1977

We were thrown together with a bunch of college and graduate school students, mostly from the University of New Mexico. We rose at 4 a.m., then worked at our sites at a project called Salmon Ruins. By mid-afternoon, when work was over, we would load up the van and travel in search of places to swim. This reservoir was one.

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Fishermen, Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1978

Even as a new reporter/photographer for the Bennington (Vt.) Banner in the early 1970s, I was never bashful about meeting strangers, then photographing them. The trick, if there is one, is to talk first, and stat snapping pictures later.

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Sunbathers, Camden, Maine, 1979

On a beautiful saturday afternoon on the outskirts of Camden, I saw these sunbathers on the shore of Megunticook Lake. In fact, they were splayed out on a large rock just below Rt. 52 that runs along the lake shore. The wide angle lens, along with the infrared film, transpoted the threesome to a more faraway, mysterious place.

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Lily Pads, Charles River, Dedham, Massachusetts, 1980

Typical of the way I do things as a photographer, I didn't go out on the Charles River this day to make photographs. What I do remember is simply wanting to be on the water. However, it was also second nature to bring along a camera, this time loaded with infrared film.

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Swimmer, Chadwick School pool, Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, 1981

I like how this young swimmer at Chadwick School's outdoor swimming pool appears to be swimming in the clouds.

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Andrew, Redondo Beach, California, 1982

Drip castles. Sand castles. Whatever you call them, the conditions were just right on this fall afternoon on Redondo Beach, a city beach in Los Angeles.

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