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Sailing Dinghy, Man-O-War Cay, Bahamas  1983
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Sailing Dinghy, Man-O-War Cay, Bahamas, 1983

On Man-O-War Cay in the Bahamas, a local family, the Albreys, build and sail wooden dinghies. Beautifully craft-ed but not fancy, they are true to their heritage as work-ing sailboats.

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Family Fishing, Beaufort, South Carolina, 1984

We were intrigued as we watched this young girl take a break from fishing to show ushow to bait a crab trap with a chicken neck, then minutes lat-er pull out of the tidal water the trap covered with blue crabs.

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Ashley River, Middleton Place, Charleston, South Carolina, 1985

With this landscape of the Ashley River, as seen from Middleton Place in Charleston, South Carolina, the river gets most of the credit, but the image would not have its particular look had I not lugged a 4 x 5 view camera to the water's edge..

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Swayze Tent, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Hobe Sound, Florida, 1986

This is a vintage print, made twenty-four years ago on Ag-fa's wonderful Portriga-Rapid #111 paper -- smooth, slightly warm tone, and silver rich.

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Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1987

In retrospect, I must have reacted to the stance of this man, and perhaps to his isolation from the woman in the foreground. While the other figures in thepicture are small, I like how they perform minor roles next to this central character.

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View from Porch, Sand Pond, Hamburg, New Jersey, 1988

Especially in August, one is likely to have a visit to the lake punctuated by summer thunderstorms. These storms usually form in the West, with the lake growing dark. Next fol-lows sheets of rain, then a series of thunderclaps. Perhaps because my family's hand-built cabin is small, such storms feel close and sometimes threatening.

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Matapouri, New Zealand, 1989

About this view, I like the hint of a wave breaking in the distance. Letting my imagination go, I felt then that at any moment , a tall pirate ship might sail into view.

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Swimmer and Canoe, Sand Pond, Hamburg, New Jersey, 1990

On this morning at the lake in New Jersey, Joanna and I had walked to the dock for a morning swim. Obviously I had my camera, for without it there would be no record of the still water being broken by a swimmer taking her firststroke, with an old wooden canoe serving as sentinel.

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