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Maddie and Reed, Rockport, Massachusetts  1991
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Maddie and Reed, Rockport, Massachusetts, 1991

Having seen Maddie and Reed several times this fall, I find it hard to believe that these now grownup twenty-some-things were once little kids who made their way to Cape Hedge Beach..

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Joanna's Bracelet, Sand Pond, Hamburg, New Jersey, 1992

We had paused along the shore, the two canoes close at hand. It was a good moment to share some red wine, to wait for the first bats to swoop down along the suface of the water, and to take a picture.

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Khara Swimming, Sand Pond, Hamburg, New Jersey, 1993

She did what any lake swimmer likes to do in a rainstorm -- dive beneath the water to watch the rain drops break through the surface.

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Binney's Kitchen Table, Rockport, Massachusetts, 1994

The Binney's house, a classic, shingled summer house from a bygone era, sits on a bluff above Eden Road and beyond that Thacher Island, and if you keep going, Ireland.

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Sage Swimming, Lettergesh, Ireland, 1995

This image shows Sage Cooke (N'96), afloat in a cove not far from the Connolly house where we were staying. The day was sunny and sublime, but some-how the image suggests other possibilities.

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Aboard the Searcher, Southeastern Alaska, 1996

Fifteen years ago in a kind of dare to myself, I flew to Alaskato join the crew of the Searcher, a fishing boat whose newest deck hand happened to be our son, Andrew. This image was shot with a standard 35 mm camera. However, the view through a salt-encrusted porthole made things more atmospheric.

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Currach off Lettergesh, Ireland, 1997

The short voyage took place in the sum-mer of 1997, as I was cycling solo around the west coast. First came the introductions in a pub. The next day I found myself being rowed out in the Atlantic by two lads, with the hills of Lettergesh, a coastal village, rising in the distance.

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Yen Vi Stream, Vietnam, 1998

What I want is to live in the photograph.

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