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Ice Fisherman, outside Moscow, Russia  1999
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Ice Fisherman, outside Moscow, Russia, 1999

This particular im-age, with its slightly stooped man striding across the diago-nal of the frame, seemed to stand by itself -- strong, proud, purposeful, and anonymous.

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Stones and Window, Camden, Maine, 2000

The look of the stones suggests that their first homewas a cobbled beach, perhaps nearby. The weathered condition of this window, including the torn shade, the color of sepia, felt more like a window of a summer cot-tage on a Maine island than a garage in Camden.

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Footbridge, Hue, Vietnam, 2001

This Vietnamese man, whose posture and movement make him appear more like a dancer than a farmer, symbolizes for me the physical grace of the Vietnamese people.

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Water Tower, Eleuthera, Bahamas, 2002

As to this abandoned water tower, almost crumbling before my eyes, I wonder about its fate.

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Penzance Road, Rockport, Massachusetts, 2003

Exactly one mile from our house lies a stretch of Penzance Road that I bicycle almost every day. It crosses a wetland and is punctuated by black and white concrete road markers.

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Surfers, Cape Hedge Beach, Rockport, Massachusetts, 2004

I like how the weather and the water, not these adventurers, dominate the scene.

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Claire, Boathouse, Noth Haven, Maine, 2005

As a photographer who responds more readily to people than objects, the notion of asking Claire ( a student in our class at the Workshops in Rockport ) to join the scene seemed a natural thing to do.

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Canoe, Ipswich River, Ipswich, Massachusetts, 2006

Taken on a September day on the Ipswich, with afternoon storm clouds just starting to gather.

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